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Tweetings for Twitter

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More than many other social networks, or apps out there today, Twitter is all about the moment. The funny joke, shocking headline, and liveblog of The Walking Dead all show up right next to each other. Sometimes you come up with something brilliant, but you lose it before you can tweet because your phone isn't quite within your grasp. Tweetings for Twitter has you covered, especially...

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Absinthe Pie has released a new game onto Android called Space Drill. This particular game features a rather unique retro minimalistic style of art to it, but also features some pretty challenging gameplay at times. The goal of this game is simple enough, get your drill bit to the core of the space ship you're attacking to destroy it.

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Prehistoric Mystery Lite - Android Version. applications and opinion for preschoolers (for Android).

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Released by Plarium, Vikings: War of the Clans is a strategy game based on the period of Viking history that ranges from 750-1050 AD. Players will begin by selecting a hero, building a stringhold, then setting forth to pillage and conquer the world. Players can be rewarded for completing quests and tasks, alone or with friends.


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Snapchat's new Travel Mode prevents the app from downloading snaps automatically, saving not only on your wireless data, but battery life as well. Now might be

KODAK MOMENTS: Fotos drucken

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Kodak has released an update for its Moments app, which now lets you share, edit, and print photos all from one location. No longer do you need a separate app to print using one of Kodak's Picture Kiosks, instead you can do it from the same place that you just edited that new photo. With the latest update, Kodak has added the following to its Moments app: Camera and Social Media...


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Your #1 Source For Indie Gaming On Android

Neuroshima Hex

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It's Friday and that can mean only one thing, that it is time for another Android game sale round-up. This week's round-up has a few of new titles added to it with a fair amount of repeats from our last round-up included as well.
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