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Background defocus

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Continuing its recent trend of releasing its apps into the Google Play Store, Sony has now made the background defocus camera app available to download, too. Of course, you'll still need a Sony Xperia phone to use it – it plugs into the camera rather than being a standalone app – and you'll have to be on Android 4.2 and up.

theScore: Sports & Scores

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TheScore is a sports app for Android and is getting a beefy update today which adds a new section to My Score called Feed. The new section will have a continuous update of new items you care about in one spot: leagues, teams, players, final scores, video clips, and relevant news items. This way you can track multiple games at once, and drink from the firehose of sports news.

Swipe the Doge

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Ultimate Sound Control

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Silent Camera

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This tiny, rock-like piece of plastic called Rocki can transform any old speaker into a Wi-Fi-enabled device.

MagicPlay: AirPlay for Android

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We've already seen how doubleTwist makes it easy to listen to your music and watch video over AirPlay devices from your Android phone or tablet. Today the company has decided to release an update that allows rooted users to stream Google Play Music to AirPlay devices as well. They also wrote a blog post to tell us how they are making it work.

Link Bubble

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Link Bubble is an awesome app that helps you surf the web better. In a nutshell, it can preload links from other applications so you aren't waiting for things to load in the foreground. We went over it all here, be sure to have a look if you're not familiar. Today's update makes a great app even better.
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