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Android Authority

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Much like AT&T, Verizon has a long history of anti-competitive behavior since they are one of the two wireless carriers controlling the majority of wireless customers in the country.

Hulu Plus

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No summary available due to copyright claims.

Android Authority

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Why are we still waiting for widespread wireless charging to take off? Why doesn’t every Android device support it out of the box? Why can’t we be free from the tyranny of the wire? We take a look at the state of wireless charging.

Web PC Suite

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The most open of all the mobile operating systems, Android offers up a whole lot of potential for managing your phone that other systems simply can't compete with. There are many apps that offer the ability to manage and access your phone remotely, negating the need for a USB cable to do things like transfer music and other files, and reorganise things on your phone memory and SD Card. For me, the problem has always been compatibility. Some of these apps will only work for Windows, some will only work for Mac, and very few will work for both. On Ubuntu or some other Linux-based system? You can almost forget it. Web PC Suite does things a little differently as it works right out of a browser window and is not reliant on the OS of the desktop computer to do its magic. I tried it on Mac, PC and Ubuntu and the experience was just the same. Another problem has been the sheer size of some of these apps, but this one is a mere 1.7MB, which is a pittance to even older phones. Here, straight

NFL Mobile

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We're just a couple of short days away from our first taste of NFL action for the season. What better way to be able to follow all of it with an upgrade to

The Inner World

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Developer Headup Games welcomes players to journey through the peculiar world of Asposia in its newly released point-and-click adventure game, The Inner Wo... by Bertel King, Jr. in Games, News

Epic Skater

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Another skateboarding game has arrived in the month of July for all of you skateboarding fans. Epic Skater brought to us from developer Your Daily Fill via publisher Kongregate, arrived in the Play Store today. Recently, the Android community was treated to Transworld Endless Skater from Supervillian Studios. Whereas Transworld Endless Skater’s learning curve was a little steep, but still fun, Epic Skater will have you pulling off tricks in no time at all.

Google Now Launcher

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The Google Now Launcher has received a small update today, and while there's nothing obviously new in the app itself, we're seeing some interesting changes to the launcher's compatibility listings on Google Play. While the changes still seem to be rolling out, we're now seeing compatibility for devices like the HTC One M8, One E8, One Mini 2, Desire 816, Huawei Ascend P7 and LG G3,...
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