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SimCity BuildIt

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EA har nyligen släppt sin välkända sim och stadsbyggare i en gratisförpackning kallad SimCity BuildIt till iOS och sedan en vecka tillbaka även till Android. Spelet behöver väl ingen närmare presentation utan det är samma trevliga och snygga 3...

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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Gameloft's Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be getting its first content update at some point today. One of the bigger additions to this game is the inclusion of two popular maps from two of the previous Modern Combat games as well as a new voting system for multiplayer when maps are switching between games.


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Badland, the dark and moody hit game from developer Frogmind, is celebrating hitting 20 million players today with the release of the "Daydream" level pack. Included in the pack are 10 new levels, 30 new missions, and 5 new achievements. As an added holiday bonus, you can pick up the new pack at a discount for a limited time. Here's a full breakdown of what's new in update 22: 10...

Brothers in Arms® 3

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One of Gameloft's bigger franchises will be getting a third installment soon and true to Gameloft's usual style of promoting updating game, we have a new teaser trailer to check out. Brothers In Arms 3 will be different than the last two games in a few specific ways, but the main change will be that it won't be on-rails anymore. Instead players can roam around each area freely.

Cloud Print

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Google has refreshed its Cloud Print app on Android. The update for Android smartphones and tablets brings a new icon along with a dose of Material Design. Additionally, Google says that the refresh also brings an updated help and feedback section along with bugfixes.

Inbox by Gmail

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We're not sure how this managed to slip by the Inbox team the first couple of updates, but the app now fully supports Android Wear devices.

Hangouts Dialer

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Google’s Hangouts Dialer app is one step closer to completely replacing the old “Phone” app on your, eh, phone today. Thanks to an update that’s available now, the Hangouts Dialer app can now open all phone number links accessed on your phone. For those who rely heavily on Hangouts to place phone calls, [...]

Inbox by Gmail

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Google has updated its Inbox app to bring a better experience to owners of Android tablets and Android Wear-powered smartwatches. With the update, Inbox users will be able to see messages, mark them as done, and even reply to their emails from their wrist without needing to consult their phones. Although Android Wear owners could previously get notifications of new Inbox messages on...
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