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Swing Copters

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You have a opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest gaming craze to sweep the nation—Swing Copters. It's like Flappy Bird, but vertical. Yea... by Ryan Whitwam in Games, News

[WhatsApp]Chat Heads ROOT BETA

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No summary available due to copyright claims.

Android Authority

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Newegg as a refurbished Nexus 7 tablet, 16GB WiFi only model for just over $100 after combining sales and promotions through VISA. This is the lowest price we've seen yet, should we read more into that?

Phandroid News

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First thing that came to mind when we saw MSU's newly developed almost completely transparent solar panel: GET IT ON OUR PHONES.

They Need To Be Fed 3

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Your #1 Source For Indie Gaming On Android


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Today's Pushbullet update is unique in that it takes functionality past simple notifications - users can now copy/paste across different computing units.


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With the latest firmware update to Google Glass, staying in touch with your favorite contacts just got a bit easier. Now, tapping on a contact will easily give you options to start a Google Hangouts session, send them an email, or message them through SMS. The update is arriving now to Android users and is coming next week to iOS users via the companion MyGlass app. To gain the new...

Android Authority

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Carousel is now getting what could be the application's largest update to date, no longer staying exclusive to bug fixes and performance enhancements.
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